Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here is an Email from our Cousin Basil.

Hi Carl
This happens to be one of the 'boarders' that you mentioned in your blog. I know that they were many but perhaps not many stayed as long as I did. April 1949 to Nov. 1951. In fact I was either there or heard about it shortly after it happened, that is the biting incident that you wrote about. You were without a doubt a little 'geezer'.
Thought the photo might interest your for two reasons. Firstly this is the working dress of the Mounties in the 50's. Quite different then the way they dress now. Secondly this is the Highway Patrol Car used at the Bridgewater Detachment. It was a 1953 Meteor 2 door, flathead V8 with standard transmission. I do not recall, in my time there, of anyone out running this vehicle. Lastly the photo was taken in Lunenburg County in either the fall of 53 or spring of 54.

I remember Basil coming to live with us, I was only 2 at the time, but boy was he fun to have around.
When Basil applied for the RCMP he had to write an exam and to prepare for it ,
he and Mother would sit at the kitchen table going over and over the work, as a kid I din't think he would ever finish and play with me.
The day Basil left for the RCMP Mother and I walked down to the train crossing to wave good bye.
Below is a video clip from Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary, Basil is paying tribute to Mother "for being the first woman to pass the RCMP exam".
Every time Basil came back to visit and later with Nancy and their 9 children Mother and Dad would be so excited and proud of him.
One rainy day Basil showed up at our school to drive me home in a car he had just bought, I recall it being a coupe probably mid 30's.
Basil you never showed me which house Mr. Mount Stewart lived in, I don't think it was the one with the old man sitting on the front step that you yelled
"Hello Mr. Stewart".


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