Monday, February 22, 2010

Is It The Metric System?

In the 50's this was such a small car.
They had a little arm between the front and back door that would stick out and light up to let the driver behind know the car was making a turn.
As kids we thought this was so cool we would be on the look out to actually see it.
The only one we knew of was owned by the Puncher's on Hawthorne Ave. When we would see Mr & Mrs Puncher leave the house and go to the barn and get the Morris out we would get set to see this little arm appear. We tried to pull it out with our fingers when they left the car in the drive way but no luck.
So The Puncher's would come out and get in the car, Mrs Puncher always drove, and back out onto First Street.
The first turn was about 10ft from their driveway, no signal. So we would run behind her car waiting for the next turn. Mrs Puncher did not drive fast so we could easily keep up if we ran fast or had our bikes.
The next turn was at St Peter's Road, surely this was big enough to warrnat a signal, but no!
She would go a little faster down St Peter's Road and we would start to fall behind and then loose interest by the time she was by Chester MacClure's.
She probaly didn't make another turn untill Queen Street, I wonder if she ever used that turn signal, or knew it was there?

These photos are 1959 taken at The Bill Lynch Midway.

This couple were in a side show billed as The Fat Man and Woman, I went in to see them it cost a dime.
They sat on two chairs and drank large bottles of 7up and ate chips.

They had a big ol Lincoln parked behind the tent that they travelled in.
When the Morris car came around people were amazed at how small it was, and at how big these people were.
From todays view the car is very big and these people would not get a second look if they were shopping at a mall

Photos from Kevin Mackay

Newt in his Buick.


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